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dream. I was a-goen, and nuthen to lay holt on. And I
didn't keer. The time comes and a man don't keer. They
taken me out and laid me on the ground. Hit was night. I
knowed that, then I was a-goen. I might been gone, fer all I
know. They ain't no sayen.

" I might been gone, when hit come to me, what I seen. I
seen a long road come-on down a hill, and green ever whar.
Green grass layen fresh, and trees, maple and elm and sich.
And my feet was in the road, and me a-move-en down hit.
They were a fire in me. Thirsten. Hit was a green country,
and the shade cool, but the fire was in me. I come down the
hill, and seen houses setten off down the valley, and roofs,
and the green trees standen. I taken a bend in the road, and
thar was a little church, a white church with a bell hangen,
and the grass green a-fore hit. Thar was a spring thar, by
the church, and I seen hit and run to hit. I put my head
down to the water, fer the fire in me, lak a dog gitten ready
to lap. I didn't take no water in my hand and sup. Naw, I
put my face down to the water, and hit was cool on' me. The
coolness was in me, and I taken my fill.

" No tellen how long, and I lifted up my head. Thar a girl
was sitten, over thar nigh the spring, and she was a-looken at
me. I opened my mouth but nary a word come out. Hit
looked lak the words was big in me to busten, and none

" Then hit was finished and done, and I'd ne'er spoke. The
dream, if'n hit was a dream. No tellen how long I laid thar,
but I come to, hit was mornen light, grey, fer the rain was
fall-en. I didn't have no fever. I laid thar, and my head
was full of what all I'd been a-dreamen, They taken me in,
and a-fore night I et a little sumthen, and hit stayed on my
stomach. My strength come back, not fast, but hit come.
All the time I was a-thinken what Fd seen, the church and
the green trees standen, and the spring. Ever day. Fd seen
hit, I knowed Fd seen hit, but I couldn't give hit the name.
Then I knowed. Hit was the road come-en down to Thebes
in Kentucky, when I was a kid thar, and the church setten